Love works in most mysterious of ways.

And who else can know and say it better than them. The Bihu dances and the nonchalant glances, the impromptu acquaintances and the passing smiles were the only imprints in the chapter from where they both began.

Same Batch, just a random persona of campus. It was never the weak in knees or starry eyes exchanged. It was all the ordinary to begin with. But, that is what Love is. Strange and simple.
Then, happened the conduit.

*Bangalore* !
Where it was all to happen, but how?! Only time knew. Courtesy to those numerous friends outings, hangouts, they were now very much a part of each other's lives. So much so that, with time and diminishing friend circle, their bond grew stronger. But, none of them knew when Love had silently seeped into one heart and started its charm.

*Along came the Catalyst*.
The Bride sister and her Best friend. The circle grew once again and stronger. Hangouts, dinners, trips. The charm grew, but he remained unabashed. It was evident from his eyes, how dearly he has fallen. But, love can be more dangerous if it does not reach its mark. It can destroy the friendship they both shared,the bond they loved and cherished the most.

*The tryst against destiny*.
You are most vulnerable when the one thing you love the most is being taken away from you. Time has come for all the Frivolous of theirs to end,and it was life happening as he was going away to Mumbai and both knew Life will never be the same again.

The Parting as usual was hard. And it hit both. But, Love gives you the courage to do the most daring of things and he decided to give it a try coz he knew he wouldn't be able to survive without her in this life. A buzz in her phone in the distant land of China put her to real to see how much Love was waiting for her all these years, and yet, she never had any idea to embrace it. And then, after a long trail of dust , a sudden wave hits you and you fill as your soul is drenched! This was your Best friend you are getting to keep for your life and as they now had nothing more left to do to each other, they just had to fall in love.

And ,when you know with whom you have to spend the rest of your lives, You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

And now, the next phase begins this February, we are cherished and glad and most importantly relieved, that this happened and She said Yes to the most beautiful *Friendship - Love* Tale we came across.